Stephanie Mehta on Moving Fast


05 October 2020


Remote work will change leaders and employees forever. How? Employees will demand more trust from their workplaces and leaders will have to adapt.

In this episode of the Leadercast Podcast, we hear from Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, about the pros and cons of remote work and how to keep the pace of your leadership in a new normal.

"Leaders really are going to have to be more employee-centric than they have in the past — in part because employees are just going to demand it.”

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  1. Many of us are more productive.
  2. Everyone is equal on a Zoom call.


  1. Using tech can be a challenge for seamless collaboration.
  2. The culture of trust between employer and employee is different.

Leaders will have to adapt to leadership in COVID-19’s new normal in three ways: 

  1. They will have to become more employee-centric. Stephanie forecasts that leaders will have to be even more employee-focused than they were before the pandemic. For her, she is particularly proud of encouraging a safe space for conversation about racial justice.
  2. Leaders must also use different metrics for success. Leaders who are ruthless don’t keep and attract remote workers. The idea of being more humble is going to define a successful leader.
  3. With a new way of work also comes a new style of rewarding employees. Nobody needs an employee-of-the-month parking spot right now. Stephanie suggests mandatory time off and paid company holidays as better alternatives.

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