Radha Agrawal on the Importance of Community


24 August 2020


Recently on the Leadercast Podcast, we heard from Radha Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of Daybreaker and Leadercast 2020—Ripple Effect speaker about building up your community.

Community is the backbone of every entrepreneurial endeavor. You aren’t just solving problems for yourself; you’re solving them for your community.

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Recently on the Leadercast Podcast, we heard from Radha Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of Daybreaker, about building up your community. Here are her four ways to boost your community as a leader:

  • Gain Buy-In

Building a community around your brand starts with buy-in for your story. Why is this the most exciting thing that’s around right now? Your community will become the first responders to your idea.

  • Show Up

Radha had an aha moment in her 30s: She was lonely. “I began showing up for everything,” she says, noting that 90 percent of making friends and building community is showing up for what you care about.

  • Redefine Friendship

Have you ever made a list of the qualities you want in a friend? Radha committed to cultivating those qualities in herself and searching for them in others. Specifically define what your community looks like then go all-in to pursue it.

  • Embrace Digital

More and more, virtual events will just be called “events.” In the same way, digital communities are still communities.

Bottom line: Investing in community is everything. 

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Learn more about Radha Agrawal and connect with her on social media through her website.

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