Randi Zuckerberg on Being Well-Lopsided


21 September 2020


Work, sleep, family, friends or fitness? Pick three and get comfortable with living your life well-lopsided. 

That’s the motto of Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO at Zuckerberg Media and former director of marketplace development at Facebook.

It's better to focus on excellence in a few areas rather than stretching ourselves so thin trying to do everything. So I strive to be well-lopsided.

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As she details in our latest episode of the Leadercast Podcast, Randi’s theory is that the things we are proudest of in life don’t happen when everything is well-balanced; our biggest accomplishments happen when our lives are the most lopsided.

As a leader, you can try to do everything and be excellent at nothing. Or, you can choose to focus on excellence in just three areas of your life per day. Which one sounds better? Randi’s “Pick Three” philosophy emphasizes that excellence is better than everything

Randi also shares that in the choice between technology and trust, leaders should always opt for trust. Right now, it matters way less which platforms you're on as a leader. What matters is how you are demonstrating trust to followers who are uncertain or afraid.

Once upon a time, marketing messages relied on saving time, convenience and efficiency, but consumers just don't want those things anymore. They want health. They want safety. They want trust.

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