The Power of Persuasiveness

Trisha Miltimore

23 July 2020


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As a professional you are expected to make authoritative decisions and act as an influential leader both on behalf of yourself and the organization. How can you lead and influence members of your organization from your position? This session will address how professionals can best cultivate the power of persuasion and influence and identify opportunities to demonstrate win-win value.

Expect to walk away with:

  • Knowing how to best cultivate your power of persuasion
  • Identify opportunities for demonstrating win-win value 
  • Learn LifeTools and MindSet Tweaks to communicate with contagious care
  • The skills for developing powerful connections that drive personal and professional success 
Trisha Miltimore

Entrepreneur and Mentor Trisha teaches MindSet Shifts, Action Steps and LifeTools to empower bold, highly effective and contagious leadership. Relationships drive personal and professional success and helping your people create conductive relationships is what Trisha does best. Plus you will laugh, have fun and challenge the status quo of what it means to be busy, fulfilled and...deeply satisfied. Ready to take your personal and professional life to a new level of connection and success?

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