Mentoring: How to Build a Leadership Legacy That Lasts

Dave McKeown

01 December 2020

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Get the framework for building and nurturing a two-way mentoring relationship that develops mentee(s) and maximizes your impact on their trajectory for success. 

Move forward with:

  • Knowing how to determine if you’re ready to be a mentor
  • The five questions to ask for every mentoring conversation
  • Understanding how to use mentoring relationships in your own development
Dave McKeown

Dave McKeown helps individuals, teams, and organizations to lead with authenticity, purpose, and effectiveness. He has a wealth of experience in connecting individual and team performance to improved business results with a particular focus on fast-growing, complex organizations. As Founder and CEO of Outfield Leadership, Dave speaks, coaches and trains on the mindset, skillset, and toolkit needed to master the craft of leadership. His goal is to help organizations build a culture of real, authentic but ultimately results-driven leadership.He has shared his leadership strategies at the Inc. 500 and Growco conferences, Bank of America, for the British Government, Entrepreneur's Organization, Bamboo HR and countless others. He has worked with leaders at Spectrum Health, Renewal by Andersen, Akamai, NYSE and many smaller, fast-growing organizations.

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