Disrupting For Good

Chris Field

28 April 2020


From running for mayor as a teenager to breaking multiple Guinness World Records to helping save more than 150 children from slavery, Chris Field, best-selling author and founder of Mercy Project, has been disrupting most of his life. In this webinar, you will hear a memorable and motivational message featuring inspirational stories from his popular book “Disrupting for Good” on how passion plus persistence equals lasting change. 

Seamlessly weaving his own story with those of other ordinary people who became extraordinary disruptors, Chris offers a clear call to action: anybody, anywhere, can choose to disrupt for good. But it doesn’t stop there. Chris will end by walking you through his personal Disruption M.A.P. so that you leave both prepared and inspired to disrupt for good in your own job, non-profit, school, neighborhood and family.


From this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the history of disruption
  • Evaluate the stories of ordinary disruptors 
  • Create disruption M.A.P.s for your own life


Click here for the slides.

Chris Field

Chris Field has been challenging complacency and disrupting the status quo most of his life. His most important disruption is Mercy Project, the non-profit he started to rescue children from human trafficking in Ghana, Africa. Its innovative approach has drawn international attention. To date, Mercy Project has rescued more than 160 children, returned them to their families, and provided them with an education that will transform their future. At 19-years-old Chris ran his first marathon, ran for mayor of his hometown, and was hired to run a camp that hosted 600 inner-city kids each summer. If disruption was a stick of dynamite, his spark had officially been lit. Chris filled the years 19 to 37 with countless more disruptions. He ran 20 more marathons, started the No.1-ranked marathon in Texas, raised millions for charities, wrote the most viral ice cream review ever, set four Guinness World Records, and has consulted more than 100 businesses.

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