Scott Miller on Avoiding the Micromanaging Mistake


22 December 2020


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While anyone can be a leader, not everyone should be. Let’s just debunk the idea that anyone is “born” a leader and recognize that leadership grows out of our trustworthiness, values, behaviors and goals. And taking joy in others’ successes is one of the best indicators of a true leader.

Recently on the Leadercast Podcast, we spoke with Scott Miller, former executive vice president of FranklinCovey, best-selling author and host of the “FranklinCovey On Leadership” podcast.

As a leader, your job is to help people continue to improve their skills, their self-awareness, their contribution, their brand.

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One of the topics we discussed was what has changed most in the work-from-home culture that has arisen in 2020. How has it affected leadership?

The sad answer is that even though the fundamental nature of work has shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our leadership strategy hasn’t, really.

But, as a leader, your job is not to check on; your job is to check in.

When leading a virtual team in a highly stressful situation, it’s your job to stop managing and start leading by recognizing that relationships are your most valuable asset.

Scott was candid about sharing his mistakes so that others can avoid them:

  • Check your paradigm. Is your mindset or belief about your people outdated or unduly influenced by emotion? Make sure what you believe is true.
  • Check your ego. Humility is born out of confidence. You should care more about what is right than being right.

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Connect with Scott on LinkedIn and Twitter, and click here to find his book, “Management Mess to Leadership Success.”

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