Gregg Ward on Respectful Leadership Skills


20 July 2020


You’ve heard about the Golden Rule (treat others as you want to be treated), but what about the Platinum Rule—treat people the way they want to be treated? Respectful leadership unites both rules into one amazing leadership style. 

In our latest interview on the Leadercast Podcast, Gregg Ward, speaker and author of “The Respectful Leader,” shares dos and don’ts of leading with respect.

Treat people the way they want to be treated.

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There were so many fantastic points in the interview, but we’re only going to highlight one here—and it’s a tough one.

How to Offer a Full Apology

Do this in four steps: First, own what you did. “Hey, I completely lost my temper with you yesterday.”

Next, show you understand how it affected the other person. “It wasn’t fair of me. I know it made you feel disrespected and upset.”

Then, apologize. “I’m really sorry I blew up at you.”

And last, make amends. “It won’t happen again. To make sure of that, here’s exactly how I’m going to make it up to you.”

Did you notice the one word that wasn’t in this four-step apology? 


The second you use an excuse, the respectful apology flies out the window. “I’m sorry I lost my temper, but I hadn’t had a single break all day long.” Nope.

A full and respectful apology has four easy steps and doesn’t include one excuse. A leader who can apologize like this treats people the way they want to be treated—respectfully.

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