Erica Keswin on Why Businesses Need Rituals


07 December 2020
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Rituals are good for business. How so? That’s what we recently discussed with Erica Keswin—speaker, podcast host and author of “Bring Your Human to Work”—in our latest episode of the Leadercast Podcast.

A leader worth following is one who brings his or her human to work…leaders who are willing to be real, to speak in a human voice, to be vulnerable, and to connect with his or her employees.”

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There are two ways to define rituals that are good for people and organizations… and they don’t include habits, rules or protocols:

  • People would miss the ritual or go crazy if it went away.

Think about the rituals that most of us have with coffee—savoring the scent, feeling the warmth of the mug and taking a moment to gather our thoughts before starting the day.

  • A ritual rises above its practical use.

Business rituals boil down to the essence of what the organization does: “Without [XYZ], the company isn’t itself.”

In this episode, Erica shares three Ps that turn rituals into value for businesses: 

  • Purpose: All of us want to work for a company with values we believe in.
  • Performance: Those who work at high-trust organizations are 50 percent more productive.

The bottom line is if you feel safe and heard, you stop worrying about extraneous issues and get your work done. Listen to Erica dive into the three Ps and explain how leaders can practice and leverage rituals to help others. Find the episode above, or through your preferred podcast source listed at the bottom of this page.

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