A Conversation About Conversations With AmyK Hutchens


07 July 2020


Plays of power and connection run through every conversation we have, so it’s important leaders understand how to communicate well. 


How good at conversation are you?

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We recently interviewed author and speaker AmyK Hutchens about the art of conversation. She gave us three stellar insights about how leaders can connect with their followers: 

  • Start with vision. As a leader, you need to figure out what your vision is—vision for culture, team motivation, internal clarity, etc.—and then ask yourself this: “Who do I need to become to fulfill that vision?”
  • Get uncomfortable. Leaders chronically avoid tough conversations because, honestly, most of us will do everything we can to avoid discomfort. Unfortunately, we leaders need to work through our fears. By doing so, we gain understanding of our followers, higher emotional intelligence, improved ability to forecast and tolerance of calculated risk.
  • Focus on empathy. A leader who leads with connection instead of power won’t be threatening—or feel threatened. You can finally have real conversations… after you have truly connected with someone and created a safe space for dialogue.

Listen to our whole conversation (about conversations) with AmyK above or through your favorite podcast player below.

Learn more about AmyK and connect with her on social through her website.

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