The Longing


22 May 2014

It’s easy to convince ourselves that greatness is a thing of the past. It’s easy to believe that the heroes we see in black and white are men and women destined for the history books, and that our generation lacks what it takes to measure up. This creates a longing… a yearning desire to seek and find the next great leader.


It’s easy to watch the news each evening, and look around wondering where all the leaders have gone… it requires boldness to stand in the gap and declare yourself an active participant in the solution.


The people who write those history books are waiting. It’s you they’re waiting for.


Watch on YouTube.


The video above is titled “Leaders Worth Following: The Longing” and was world premiered at Leadercast Live on Friday, May 9th 2014. This short film serves as the launch of a brand new campaign called Leaders Worth Following. At Leadercast we desire to see a tribe of leaders raise their hand and say; “count me in… I’m committed to being a leader worth following”.


It is our mission to find these people and equip them to stand in the leadership gap in their families, communities, businesses, and organizations all around the world.

We want to create a heat map showing where the leaders worth following are rising up all over the world. Stand up today and declare you intentions to be, and build, leaders worth following!


Leadercast is on a mission to fill the world with leaders worth following through world-class leadership events, content solutions and resources to grow the impact of leaders everywhere. Learn more at

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