The Leadercast 2015 App is here!


09 April 2015

Join a community of Leaders Worth Following by downloading the Leadercast App and easily view the event schedule, explore speaker profiles and take notes during each session!

You will gain access exclusive content & video downloads, available only for app users and have the opportunity to network with other attendees at your viewing location and around the world.

Available for both iPhone and Android mobile users, the new Leadercast 2015 app connects you with attendees and speakers on May 8th like never before!

The Leadercast 2015 app is the best way to enhance your event experience & acts as a roadmap for your leadership journey.

  • Access Real-Time Talk Summaries – The new mobile app gives you access to real-time talk summaries from the event. Discover new insights by accessing highlights from leadership sessions real-time!
  • Network with Other Attendees Worldwide – With an interactive activity feed, leaders can network with other attendees from all over the world! Share status updates, images and engage with other leaders!
  • Explore Speaker Profiles – Learn about #thebraveones and view upcoming session information live on the LC 2015 mobile app!
  • View Event Agenda – Have the event agenda at your fingertips! You won’t miss session start times on this amazing day because the LC 2015 app has all session information, insights and actions right in the palm of your hand.
  • Take Notes – Take notes on leadership sessions right on the mobile app! Best of all, you can email notes to yourself to review at your convenience.
  • Download Exclusive Content – From leadership articles, wallpaper, interactive tagboard to session notes, download, email and view exclusive content from Leadercast!
  • Earn Points & Badges – Are you a competitive leader? Great! Earn points and badges for being active within the LC 2015 app! From kudos for your first status update to badges for reviewing leadership articles, the LC2015 app drives your leadership engagement by rewarding you for developing your leadership.
  • 2016 Leadercast Live Ticket Information – Be the first to receive 2016 Leadercast Live information right from the LC 2015 app!


So, what are you waiting for? Download the Leadercast 2015 app today!


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