Snow Angels

John Hightower

01 February 2014

Moments of peril often drive humanity to serve one another in unparalleled ways. Ways that go beyond oneself for the sake of others.

Atlanta, the city where Leadercast is headquartered, is slammed with winter weather just a few times a decade. While many look at the 2 or 3 inches of snow as a ‘dusting’, this city shuts down due to inadequate equipment and manpower to service the roads. These moments open the doors of opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors, strangers to become friends and through the power of social media – an entire community of leaders can rise up.

Take the ‘SnowedOutAtlanta’ Facebook page for example. In less than 8 hours, over 20,000 (and growing) people banned together to help one another — lost family members were found, warm beds were offered to stranded commuters, food was delivered to roadside dwellers stuck in their cars, and major retailers opened their doors to the community. A custom Google Map was created where people could post their offer to help, or their need for help.

People all across the city were leveraging their position of influence for the good of others. With interstates clogged, cars abandoned, and a city in lockdown, many people found a common thread of humanity and an unexpected tribe of heroes.

Every tribe needs a leader, and in this case the leader was Michelle, an Atlanta resident who decided she could help people, help people. At Leadercast we’re huge fans of these “Beyond You” moments, especially when they are born out of difficult times.

John Hightower

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