Simplicity In 8 Easy Steps

Pamela McClinton

02 March 2015

We’ve all heard the saying: less is more.

But living in a society where bigger is often recognized as better, we can be overcome with the idea of ‘more’.

 More time spent working on the latest project.

 More money exhausted in the children’s activities.

 More of your life flashing before your eyes.

As more things in life overwhelm you, it is not hard to find yourself the passenger instead of the pilot in your own life.

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Our world is consumed with busyness. It is easy for anyone to become overextended. Simplicity has to be an intentional exercise of the body, mind and spirit so that leaders can develop well-balanced lives.

Bringing clarity to the complex promotes transparency and authenticity.

Discover simplicity using these 8 easy steps:

1. Rest. Rest is essential to a healthy, balanced life. A crowded life can exhaust your life of true rest. Even of you’re resting, on vacation or spending time with your family, your mind may be constantly racing, trying to rework a project scenario, or scrolling through your mobile device to ‘get a little work done.’ Rest refreshes the mind and body. Rest also helps you live in the moment, with the people who need you to be present at the most important times.

2. Relish. Did you know that the majority of Americans eat too fast? Kathleen Zelman, the director of nutrition at WebMD, shares that consuming food too fast contributes to the intake of too many calories. This can cause weight gain or even problems with digestion. Savor your meals, instead of grabbing a ‘quick lunch,’ eating in front of the TV, or trying to eat and work at the same time. Take the time to enjoy the nourishment that refuels your body.

3. Replenish. Replenishment is as simple as drinking water daily. The simple addition of water not only hydrates your skin, but also helps carry oxygen to cells and regulates body temperature, allowing for more clarity of thought. But, don’t take my word for it, just ask medical professionals from The Mayo Clinic. The human body is made up of 72% water, and without replenishing your body with water, you’re literally running on empty.

4. Reassess. Reassess what matters most. Simplicity requires rewriting what you value and choosing it above the hurried pace of extra activities that exhaust your life and your loved ones.

5. Recondition. Reconditioning, or restructuring your life to be your very best self, centers on visualizing the leader you desire to be and the characteristics that this type of leader possesses. Place the qualities on a whiteboard or as sticky notes on your mirror where you can see them every day as a reminder of your goal and who you are striving to be.

6. Realize. Realize that as a leader, all eyes are on you. Live as the leader you are inspired to be, not as the leader that others place unrealistic expectations upon. A leader worth following understands that their leadership has influence on almost everyone they encounter. Be a leader worth following by living your values.

7. Reacquaint. Sometimes, we need to reacquaint ourselves with the way things used to be. Fifty years ago, people actually knew who lived next door, said hello as they passed strangers on the street or took the time to take in a baseball game with their kids. Choosing simplicity demands making the time to enjoy the little things that make life enjoyable, like running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day, or walking along the beach at sunset.

8. Reassign. Finally, reassign meaning to the things that you value most. We often put the majority of things mentioned above on the back burner, but taking the time to make them priorities can lead to a happier, well-balanced and more fulfilled life.

Now it’s your turn…

How will you choose to simplify your life today?

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Pamela McClinton

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