Role Clarity Will Boost Your Productivity


16 May 2015

With an endless number of titles and responsibilities in your organization, it can become an arduous task to simply remember who is responsible for what task on a daily basis. Many of us have experienced times when our role on a team, project or within an organization has not been clearly defined. Consequently, we can take on tasks that do not help further the goals of the organization.

In the video, Establish Role Clarity for a Winning Culture, leadership communicator and founder of NorthPoint Ministries (NPM), Andy Stanley, shares that three crucial questions can help establish role clarity for you and those you lead:

1. What are we doing? Do you have a clear picture of what you, your team or organization does, produces, or builds? Can you identify what other individuals, teams or projects are doing in your organization? It is important to know WHAT you’re doing to move to question #2…

2. Why are we doing it? Yes, you can visibly see several teams working on projects or tasks. But are these projects, tasks and responsibilities in line with the overall goals of your organization? When you answer ‘Why are we doing it?’ you and your team can end tasks and projects that do not align with organizational objectives and concentrate on the responsibilities that will achieve your organizational goals.

3. Where do I fit in? This is probably the most important question for you as a leader to spend time identifying for yourself and for your team members. Creating roles that are unnecessary or redundant wastes valuable time and resources. Each individual, including the leader, must know where they fit in the organization, on a team and within a departmental project.

Role clarity will boost the productivity within your organization. Establishing the necessary roles and responsibilities based on talent, expertise and division creates efficiency and effectiveness, reduces waste and helps individuals within your business recognize the contributions they bring to the team.

Now, it’s your turn:

How can you make roles and responsibilities clear within your team?

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