Meet Leadercast Women’s Molly Fletcher


21 September 2017

If anyone knows how to be fearless, it’s Molly Fletcher. Hailed as “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly was one of the world’s first—and for many years, the only—female sports agents.

But before she began representing some of the biggest names in sports (like John Smoltz, Matt Kuchar, Erin Andrews, Tom Izzo and Doc Rivers), Molly built a foundation of fearlessness for her life.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Molly took a giant leap of faith and moved to Atlanta, where she had no job or even a place to live. She turned it around quickly and negotiated her way into living rent free at a luxury apartment complex in exchange for offering up her skills as a tennis coach. This went on for nine years, and provided Molly the ability to work low-paying jobs (like answering phones at the Super Bowl) that enabled her to get her foot in the door as a sports agent.

Now, as CEO of The Molly Fletcher Company, Molly uses her two decades of experience as an agent to help others live their lives without fear. She has authored four books including her most recent, Fearless at Work, and speaks to audiences around the world about the art of negotiation and how to live life fearlessly.

“Part of being fearless is having the courage to take ownership in moments when you’ve done something wrong.” — Molly Fletcher


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