Meet Leadercast Women’s Jenn Lim


21 September 2017

We’re all on a pursuit of happiness, and sometimes we need leaders to step in to give us a push in the right direction on where to find it.

Jenn Lim, CEO and chief happiness officer at Delivering Happiness, is on a mission to be that leader, and to help others encourage their organizations in the same pursuit. Growing up with Asian-American parents, Jenn thought all she had to do to be successful in life was become a doctor or a lawyer. But after initially starting a degree in pre-med, she quickly realized it wasn’t for her and changed her major to something that interested her more: Asian-American studies.

This changed the trajectory of her life. After failed attempts to land a job related to her major after graduation, Jenn began to reflect on what really makes a person happy.

“If it’s not money, title or status, then what is it?” she wondered. She looked to science and, through her work consulting for Zappos, realized success boils down to a simple equation: happier employees equals happier customers equals successful companies (and meaningful lives).

Today, Jenn inspires science-based happiness in work, communities and everyday life. Through her role as CEO of Delivering Happiness, Jenn travels the world sharing her story about purpose and happiness, and how they go hand in hand.

“If you’re true to your weird self—your unique self—if you follow your passion and purpose, you can change short-lived happiness to long-lived happiness.” — Jenn Lim


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