Making Your Leadership Profile Work For You


30 May 2015

This week, we featured the leadership personality profile: ENFJ. ENFJ is the extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging leader. This leadership personality is one of the the most popular personality types for their longing to help others fulfill their potential. Most employees enjoy working with the ENFJ.

If you are an ENFJ personality, how can you make this leadership profile work for you?

GiANT Impact shares several essential strengths that ENFJ leadership personalities can utilize:

1. Build great teams. Because of their social nature, ENFJ’s build great teams. Team development raises one’s level of leadership and increases organizational efficiency. Because of their personal nature however, it can be difficult to say no. ENFJs need to make sure that they do not become people-pleasers, which can thwart team goals.

2. Differentiate between good and best. With a plethora of choices, ENFJs may find it challenging and opt for the good over the best. That’s why it’s necessary for ENFJ’s to “learn how to do a very honest appraisal of the load that they’re carrying.” Things that are good, but not the best should be lower priority or taken off the leader’s tasks altogether.

3. Make the tough decisions. Since leading teams is almost natural for the ENFJ personality type, making tough decisions is often more difficult for this leader. But, ENFJ leadership personalities need to stay the course, make the tough decisions and continue to develop their leadership potential.

You can access GiANT Impact’s exclusive video Leadership Profile: ENFJ video on #LeadercastNow!

Now it’s your turn:

What decisions are you currently facing where you can choose the very best or what’s simply good?


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