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Julie Bauke

29 January 2014

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One of the perks of working for yourself is the ability to make up a title instead of having one given to you. I call myself “Chief Career Happiness Officer”. The CCHO of what, you ask? The planet. Yep. That’s how serious I am about my Career Happiness — and I am just as serious about yours.

Throughout the first half of my career in Human Resources roles, it never ceased to amaze me how many people were unhappy at work, yet did not do anything to change their situation. During my second half, now in the Career Management field, I know that it is fear, self-doubt and just a lack of knowing how to actually get and stay Career Happy that keeps otherwise smart, successful people from reaching their full potential.

The Leadercast community, focused on developing leaders worth following , is the perfect place to dig into that conversation — and compel real change in how we, as leaders think about our careers.

After all, how can you really lead others when you aren’t truly leading yourself?

As I think ahead about our time here together, I wanted to give you feel for my core “career beliefs”.

  • No one cares about your career as much as you do, nor should they.
  • We all want to use our talents and strengths to be as happy in our careers and our lives as possible.
  • Your career and the rest of your life will change and therefore, your definition of career happiness will shift as well.
  • Relationships are the key to your career and life success. You must build them and care for them relentlessly.

I hope that you will join me here for the journey to get in and stay in the driver’s seat of your career with the purpose and joy that we all deserve. If you can do this for yourself, you’ll inspire the same in the people you care about. Just the thought makes this Chief Career Happiness Officer very happy indeed.

Julie Bauke

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