Leading With Kindness

Laura Schroff

05 April 2014

Have you ever wondered if you can change the world? And if so, how and where would you start?


My experience is yes; each and every one of us has the power and ability to change the world. We can be the change we want to see. The way we do it is by sharing kindness and by going beyond our selves to help make a difference for others.


You see, when you share kindness, there is a ripple effect that occurs. In fact, research shows that kindness is contagious. Back in December, I had the honor to be a guest on NBC’s TODAY with Kathie Lee & Hoda, alongside psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins, in a discussion about the power of random acts of kindness and how contagious kindness can be.

For most of us, although we want to help others and make a difference, it can be overwhelming and daunting on where to start.

So often, the opportunities are right in front of us, we just have open our eyes and hearts to these moments that can change our lives and the lives of others.

I continue to be so humbled by the impact my story told An Invisible Thread is having across all demographics and religious lines. Most inspiring is how my story and the power of small acts of kindness are reaching classrooms across the country and being used by teachers as a tool to encourage compassion.


I have spent the past two years traveling the country meeting thousands of readers, hundreds of students and their teachers who have been inspired by the unlikely friendship of Maurice and me, which started with one small act of kindness on the corner of 56th Street & Broadway in New York City and changed our lives forever. During that time I learned we must not only teach our children’s brains, but also their hearts. And how when you give kindness, without expecting anything in return you can receive the most beautiful and valuable gifts of all.


Can you imagine if kindness were required in all professional environments and was taught alongside traditional subjects in all classrooms? Because just as we can learn to add or multiply, we can all learn to be a little kinder and a little bit more compassionate.


Please think about how you too can spread kindness in your own backyard, workplace and community. Since sharing kindness is contagious, I believe it is an act worth spreading.


Kindness can change lives.

Kindness matters.

Laura Schroff

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