Leadercast 2016 Welcomes Best-Selling Author and Leadership Expert, Dr. Henry Cloud


23 January 2016

Dr. Henry Cloud is one of the nation’s most sought-after leadership experts and a Leadercast Live favorite among tens of thousands of attendees. Dr. Cloud returns to the Leadercast Live stage this year with his unique blend of humor, compassion, practical advice, and “candid confrontation” to help each of us embrace our visionary leadership and define the path to our preferred future.

Having touched thousands of people in his consulting, writing, speaking, and counseling career, Dr. Cloud has “observed individuals trying to work out the most important issues of life: relationships, career, fulfillment, meaning, hurt, loss…” and he has transformed life and leadership best practices for thousands of people across the country. In May, you will see just how he does it, as Dr. Cloud provides the action steps we need to get life right, stop repeating the same mistakes, embrace our vision, and define the path to our preferred future.

As the author or co-author of more than 20 books – including Boundaries, with 2 million copies sold, and his five recent best-sellers—Dr. Cloud challenges us: What’s standing in the way of architecting your future? Or the future of your organization? In his Leadercast video, Leaders Learn How to Give Up Control, Dr. Cloud discusses a common characteristic that prevents many people from leading with influence: the inability to give up control. Controlling the outcome of a situation, explains Dr. Cloud, is instinctive for human beings. However, in order to authentically influence and inspire others, we must actively place control in the hands of those we lead and help them understand how what they do on a daily basis connects with a greater vision.

Insights such as these move people to introspection, self-awareness, and a greater commitment to developing (or “architecting”) the right conditions to reach their own life vision – whether at work, in relationships, in the community, in family.. Dr. Cloud’s books, such as Necessary Endings, which was deemed “the most important book you’ll read all year,” cut through the noise and offer clarity for propelling your vision (and your team) forward.

Are you ready to architect a clear path to a new destination?

Do you have what it takes to cast a compelling vision for your organization or team?

Do you desire a future where problems are solved, questions are answered, confusion gives way to clarity?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, join leadership expert and best-selling author, Dr. Henry Cloud and our slate of visionary leaders at Leadercast Live 2016 or at one of hundreds of Leadercast host sites.


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