International Women’s Day: Hopes for a More Inclusive Leadership Landscape


08 March 2019

At Leadercast, we believe leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Leaders are those who choose to learn and grow in the skills it takes to influence, guide and mentor those around them.

Anyone can be a leader, but, unfortunately, the leadership landscape in many places doesn’t reflect the diversity of our world. That’s why Leadercast is taking part in International Women’s Day today to join in the efforts to support women leaders around the globe.

This year’s IWD theme of #BalanceforBetter exemplifies our hopes for the future of leadership: a world where anyone—no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, religion or background—can work together to lead others in their respective organizations, communities and fields of expertise. We all need leadership. Moreover, we all need balanced leadership.

Each year, we showcase women in leadership at our annual Leadercast Women event, where women leaders share their voice and expertise to leaders of all genders worldwide. Today, we unveiled the nine women who will take the Leadercast Women 2019 stage on Friday, Oct. 18, in Atlanta and broadcast to locations around the globe. This year’s theme of Take Courage calls for everyone to seize opportunities to be brave in their daily lives. Click HERE to learn more.

In observance of International Women’s Day, a few of our honored Leadercast Women speakers share their thoughts on what leaders can do to support a more gender-balanced workforce:

“Gender balance starts with leadership committed to it, not lip service but a real commitment. This includes more women on company boards and more women in C-suite jobs. Those women can then advance the imperative if the men in leadership are not.” — Susan Packard, Co-Founder of Scripps Networks Interactive and Former COO, HGTV

“International Women’s Day is the day for us to celebrate and acknowledge the amazing power of women all over the globe. It also serves as an anchor for us to recognize the work that is still in progress as far as justice for women everywhere. The real celebration comes when the world operates as if every day is Women’s Day. Leaders need to be intentional and focused on making concrete changes and putting better systems in place that let women not just survive but thrive. We need to prioritize improving hiring practices, paying men and women equally for the same work and creating a world where women feel safe to live the best lives possible. Beyond empowering women, leaders must take real action to create a culture that supports women at all levels from interns to the C-Suite.” — Luvvie Ajayi, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Digital Strategist

“International Women’s Day means recognizing the incredible accomplishments of women around the world, while also understanding how far we need to go to achieve gender parity. It’s about women supporting one another and men insisting on gender equality. It’s about girls being empowered to realize their dreams. And boys believing that girls can do anything a boy can. It’s about knowing that when women rise, society benefits.” — Laura Ling, Award-Winning Journalist and TV Host

“The road to achieving #BalanceforBetter in any workforce starts by hiring, retaining and developing qualified women at all levels. Really embrace the initiative and watch it grow season after season.” — Kate Delaney, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and Host, The Kate Delaney Show

“International Women’s Day is a much-deserved period of time giving women the credit we are due. A period of time dedicated to the many accomplishments we have achieved around the world and throughout time. It is a day that celebrates women of all races, nationalities, religions etc. to encourage the world to embrace diversity and the doings of women from all walks of life. Leaders must understand the obligation they have to create a workforce that reflects the community around it. Women are here to stay and must ensure their voice is heard in every level of business and the organization’s overall structure. Our presence is necessary and we must always demand a seat at the table.”— Deshauna Barber, Captain, U.S. Army Reserve and Miss USA 2016


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