How Has Leadercast Changed You?


20 May 2015

It’s just a little over a week since Leadercast LIVE, and the feedback has been—to quote so many of you—AWESOME! You told us you felt different, re-energized, inspired, bolder. We know the feeling. More than 100,000 people were part of this year’s Leadercast Live, and we are excited to keep the inspiration going!

We have loved seeing your pictures from the event, reading your posts and hearing from you about your favorite speakers and “pearls of wisdom” you are bringing back to your organizations. Here are a few of the ways you’ve told us you are using Leadercast LIVE and Leadercast Now:

  • Typing up your notes from the day into an email and sending them to colleagues and your teams
  • Handwriting quotes from speakers and posting them around the office, and on your frig and bathroom mirror at home
  • Telling your kids about the day and sharing stories over dinner. You REALLY loved Rorke’s “harmonic gait” message!
  • Using speakers’ quotes in PowerPoint presentations. Some of your favorites are:


  • “It’s always too soon; do change anyway,” from Seth Godin.
  • “Surround yourself with people who will give you honest criticism,” from Peyton Manning
  • “It is better to fix errors than to prevent them all,” from Ed Catmull



  • Prepping for your morning meetings with one of the Leadercast Now videos. We see that Rorke Denver’s “Calm is Contagious” and Cheryl Bachelder’s “Fighting a Me-First Mentality” have been super popular. (If you have a salary negotiation coming up, I highly recommend first watching Randy Walton’s Negotiation and Deal Making video.)
  • Making a commitment to tell people at work that you value them.
  • Having a better attitude.
  • Asking your teams to draw their own “purple cow.”
  • Listening to the Leadercast Now videos on your smartphone while driving to work. (Audio only!)


We’d love to hear how Leadercast LIVE changed your leadership approach, your decisions, your results, your life!

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