Holiday Gift Guide for the Leader in Your Life

Bart Keeler

10 December 2019

Finding a gift for a coworker in the gift exchange, your boss, a friend who’s at the top of or chasing their career, or a family member who leads others on a daily basis, is always a confusing venture. Don’t worry! The Leadercast team is here to help.

We’ve put together a list of items that will make great gifts for any leader in your life.

Fountain Pen

Even in the age of digital communication, receiving a hand-written note from a friend, colleague or client still makes a person feel special. As a leader, this is a great way to show individualized appreciation for a job well done or support during a difficult time. Gift the leader in your life an elegant fountain pen so they can add a formal, personal touch to their notes. 



Soft Cover Journal

Journaling has been proven to improve daily productivity, relieve stress and anxiety and help you lead others better. A sturdy, bound journal is a great gift for someone who loves organization or maybe needs the tools to help them bring order to their lives. Our Leadercast Soft Cover Journal looks sleek, feels great and is perfect for daily journaling. 


Personalized Quote Water Bottle

Water fuels us all day long, but sometimes we need a little extra jolt of energy. Add an extra jolt by personalizing a water bottle with a motivational quote, encouraging verse or empowering word. You can add a custom print to drinkware from Baudville, or choose their pre-printed items.



The Savor Life Planner

Take a new approach to the planner with the Savor Life Planner. Instead of looking ahead at daily tasks, this planner forces you to focus on self-care so you can be more productive in your professional life and better enjoy your social events. 


Leadercast NOW

The gift of year-long leadership guidance is a perfect way to kick off the new year. Leadercast NOW provides your beloved leader access to more than 150 experts whenever they need it. Purchase an annual subscription for $299 or a monthly plan for just $29.99 as part of our end-of-year offer. 


Wall Map

Many people keep a list of goals for the new year (anyone else do this on a checklist note on their phone?). Personally, I add a list of trips I have planned to the bottom of my notepad. As a way to look ahead with excitement for the new year, give your loved leader a wall map and push pins so they can plan out the trips they have to take in 2020. 


Spa Gift Card

Leadership is stressful and hard on your body (actually, any full-time job is stressful and hard on your body), so show your appreciation for their efforts by giving them some relaxation. Giving your loved leader a day at the spa, a professional massage, manicure or pedicure is basically giving them self-care they desperately need. Just make sure they use it!



Bart Keeler

Bart Keeler is a content marketer, blogger and podcaster who discusses leadership, workplace culture and sports. He is also editor of The Smoking Musket, a West Virginia Mountaineers community. A retired athlete, Bart draws on his competitive background to connect find the driving force behind leadership icons. Bart lives in Atlanta and is an avid fan of all Atlanta sports teams, as well as his WVU Mountaineers.

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