Don't Hold Back Your Vision: An Interview with Bradley Hutson of Leadercast


22 April 2015

This week, we caught up with Bradley Hutson at Leadercast to get his insights on passionately pursuing vision. Listen to what he shares that may help you persevere while going after your dreams.

Most leaders have one thing in common: vision.

Vision is art of seeing what is invisible. – Jonathan Swift

As a young leader most of us are bursting with passion and dreams. We boldly take on risks and view setbacks as mere opportunities to overcome. But after a few leadership hurdles, maybe even a curve ball here or there and the years become decades, we can begin to question our vision: Are these challenges really be worth it in the long run? How long before I gain momentum?

Bradley Hutson, Business Development at Leadercast shares: “After spending so many years in one industry, I realized I needed a change, but I didn’t have a very specific and unique vision. One of the things I’ve learned is making sure I have foundational elements that are the base of my vision, and then seeing where I am uniquely gifted and routing my career with those foundational elements.”

All too often, we can get focused on using only one way, one path, or one method to pursue our vision. Bradley says that sharing his vision with others and communicating his vision clearly has been one of the most instrumental components of sticking with his vision. “If there are people cheering me on, then it makes it easier to stick with it. But if I don’t share it, it’s easy to let it go.” Sharing your vision with others also can help you process through the steps you’re using to achieve your goals. You can determine if your current actions are helping you realize your dreams.

Bradley admits that leaders have also helped him along the way. “The biggest influence leaders have had would be validating what I feel to be true about my vision, myself and the feasibility of pursuing my vision.” If someone more experienced supports your pursuit because they see that your abilities and passion are in line with your goals, it can help you take steps in the direction of your dreams with even greater boldness. Likewise, if a leader reveals a more objective view of your passions, it may help you pursue your vision through an alternative route.

If you are a new leader, Bradley shares, “It’s easy to think: ‘This is what I want to do and this is my dream.’” But you don’t have to stick with the exact plan, or a specific method of achieving your vision. Learn to distinguish between vision and execution. Your vision may remain the same over the years, but the execution may change along the way. You may find different ways to achieve the same goals.

So don’t hold back your vision. Raise the level of your leadership by communicating your vision with others, sharing your vision clearly and leveraging alternative routes to achieve your dreams if necessary.

Now it’s your turn:


How have you chosen to share your vision with others?


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