Does Your Mission Bring Meaning?


29 March 2014

It’s safe to assume that your office building has a wall somewhere with a plaque, sleek vinyl letters, or some elaborate piece of art on it. Whatever the medium might be in your building, the message is the same: mission and vision.


Nearly every organization operates under these statements that proclaim why it exists and where it want to go. Perhaps you are the leader who crafted those statements. If so, what follows is meant especially for you.

“A leader’s responsibility is to cause a vision and mission to have tangible results in the real world.” - Dr. Henry Cloud

The understanding that mission and vision shouldn’t just live on walls is well documented, but thinking about your work having “tangible results in the real world” is a way of framing it that truly captures the weight of the responsibility. Insights like that are why we are excited to have Dr. Henry Cloud back to speak at Leadercast Live this year on May 9th.


At Leadercast the notion that we might exist just for the sake of existing keeps us up at night. In the past several months Leadercast has taken some exciting steps to measure our work and our ongoing impact in the world. By partnering with The Barna Group, we are executing a series of research projects to uncover insights pertaining to the void of leadership in the world, and what our work will do to help leaders stand in the gap to raise the standard. On May 9th Dr. Cloud and the Barna team will unpack some of our initial findings from stage. We hope you’ll be there to experience it!


Over the next several weeks on our social media accounts, we’ll be unveiling the initial research project, which details the effects of bad leadership. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like our page on Facebook to follow along as we explore together how our mission and vision is truly making a dent in the world.


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