Brave Ways To Get The Most From Your Leadercast Experience


08 May 2015

Leadercast Live honors leaders from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, wherever they may be in their leadership journey. It is an incredible one-day leadership event with a speaker line-up featuring today’s most inspiring leaders – along with compelling videos, original music, surprises from the stage, unique experiences throughout the day, and a high-energy vibe that lasts long after the event ends.

Approximately 100,000 leaders participate in hosted simulcast events all over the world, while thousands of Leadercast Live attendees fill the seats at the Gwinnett Arena – north of Atlanta—to share stories of leadership, soak up tips they can apply to their own lives, and connect with leaders from all walks of life.

This year’s theme is Bravery, one of the seven leadership behaviors and values that we believe are part of the make-up of Leaders Worth Following. Do you consider yourself a brave leader? For instance, do you freely suggest ideas at meetings? Are you transparent about not-so-good news or organizational changes? How about when it comes to walking up and introducing yourself to strangers? In addition to eye-opening, heartfelt content, Leadercast Live is a great venue for connecting and sharing with others. Try these networking tips to make the most of your time at Leadercast Live this year, whether you are at the Arena or at a host site:

 Leverage the line. Some of the best connections happen while waiting in line – during registration, breakfast or book signings, for example. A lot of people will arrive early. Use the time to meet people standing near you. Open the conversation with questions such as, “Which speaker are you most looking forward to hearing?”

 Be all in. This is no time to be indecisive. When introducing yourself, walk up to the person confidently while extending your hand for a firm handshake, and say your name clearly. “Hi, I’m Ginger Schlanger with Leadercast.”

 Be bold at breaks. You can catch up on email later! During the breaks, be bold! If you are by yourself, turn to the person next to you and ask something along the lines of, “What did you think of Rorke Denver’s talk?” If you are with a group, break out to meet other attendees and always start with an engaging question. (If you are attending Leadercast Live, you’ll find several areas at the event designed to foster your bravery and connection with others – be on the lookout for unique experiences!)

 Download the app. Here’s a chance to interact with new people right now! Be sure to download the Leadercast 2015 app for iPhone and Android devices and get in on the buzz now and all day long on May 8. You’ll find attendees from previous years, host site participants, first-timers, speakers, fans, followers, and of course, the Leadercast team.

 Easy does it. With so much going on at host sites and Leadercast Live, this is not the time to launch into interview mode. In fact, networking is always more about building relationships than asking for a job. If the opportunity arises to exchange business cards, do so quickly and politely. Have a one-sentence “elevator speech” ready to describe your organization/business or what you do. Then continue the conversation around more event-related or leadership topics.

 Be the networkee. During breaks or lunch, if you see someone who looks a little overwhelmed or is standing alone, walk up and introduce yourself. Ask questions, share your thoughts about the Leadercast line-up, or invite him or her to join your group’s conversation.

 Post-networking follow-up. Networking is only as strong as your follow-up. Within a few days, follow-up by email (unless you were invited to call). Remind the person where you met. Include any specifics about the conversation or deliverables you may have promised to send. Make sure you offer value (such as a link to an article of interest) – don’t just make requests. Always thank the person for his/her time, and keep him/her posted on any introductions or leads provided.

We’ve heard from so many people over the years that Leadercast Live literally changed their life! From the speakers to the thought-provoking dialogue; the resources and your fellow attendees, the inspiration and impact of the event is unlimited.

We’d love to hear how Leadercast Live has changed your life – keep us posted with your comments and posts!


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