A White Canvas


29 May 2014

2 Weeks. The memories of Leadercast are just that – memories. The thrill of the day has calmed. The reverberation felt has simmered. The sound heard has silenced. The emotions, still a whirlwind.

The work of a full year has culminated into a masterpiece seen by leaders in all areas of the world.

We celebrate. We debrief. We share stories. We bask in the testimonies of impact that flow in from small town to big city. Amidst the influx of all of this, we can’t help but ask.. what’s next? We stare at a white canvas. The next year. It begins.

We start with nothing and begin to dream about the color paint we will use, the brushes that will apply the paint, who the painters will be, and the ideal painting we hope to hang.

Our hearts long for a masterpiece that leaving people standing in awe. In awe of it’s beauty, it’s textures, it’s colors, and it’s meaning. Our hearts long for elegance. Our minds long for moments that will shake the world, shift cultures, make a dent in the earth, and transform the leadership landscape. Our minds long for epic. Leadercast may be over. But a white canvas is a symbol of possibility for us. A symbol of a better world.


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