A Legacy of Bravery

Luke Dooley

22 January 2014

Leadercast is stationed in Atlanta, hometown of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On a day set aside to celebrate his life and contributions to society, our team looks to his story for inspiration, and as a model of what it means to be a leader worth following.

Instead of trying to summarize his accomplishments or deconstruct what his work meant for society, we want to honor his legacy by asking ourselves a simple question: What is our role?

Fighting for the freedom, being singularly focused on a cause, standing bravely in the face of persecution, pursuing unity at all costs, and insisting on equal rights for all… These functions must not be reserved for leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, or Susan B Anthony. Their story is incomplete without your contribution.

Their legacy is ultimately determined by the extent to which each of us carries out the vision and values they so strongly stood for.

The greatness of a leader is not determined by some transcendent singular act. Rather, greatness is born when certain behaviors are exhibited consistently, over a lifetime. A standout behavior for Dr. King was bravery. At Leadercast we define a brave leader as someone who possesses a posture of unrelenting boldness.

May we honor Dr. King today by practicing bravery in our context.

How do we lean into a posture of boldness at home, at our jobs, and in our communities? The answer to this question is key to becoming a leader worth following.

Luke Dooley

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