3 Keys To Creating Your Organizational Culture


06 June 2015

In the Leadercast Now video, Create A Climate For People to Thrive In, General Hugh Shelton, the former 14th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stresses the importance of culture when creating an organizational climate in which employees can grow and flourish.

General Shelton shares these insights to help you architect the right organizational culture:

1. Employees have expectations. From the first day, through new projects and even in social settings, employees have expectations of their leaders. This means that as a leader, your team looks to you for guidance and vision. What do you hope to accomplish? Have you shared your vision with those you lead? Taking the time to share a clear vision can help meet employees’ expectations and help them understand the direction of the company and how they fit in.

2. Establish a positive organizational climate. The climate of your organization includes the conditions in which you work. Have you considered whether your employees perceive your organizational climate as “good or bad?” Establishing a good organizational climate begins with defining and modeling ethical values and behaviors that employees can identify with and adopt as their own.

3. People are the highest priority. All organizations consist of one essential resource: people. People support, uphold and advocate the purpose of the organization. Your teams make your organization work. Therefore, leaders must make it a requirement to get to know their teams and consistently treat them with trust and respect.

Your organizational culture is unique and foundational to the success of your organization; it cannot be reproduced by others. To architect the right conditions to win, take time to recognize that your employees have expectations, then establish a positive organizational climate that values people as the most important resource in your organization.

Now it’s your turn:

What steps do you take to get to know the people in your organization or on your team?

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